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Labour Market and Big Data

Ignite economic opportunities

Globally, the labour market is becoming highly dynamic due to technological developments. 

As a result, traditional middlemen will be replaced by smart algorithms; employers will be invited to provide both decent salaries and development opportunities to attract and retain employees; and, individuals are requested to maintain their knowledge and skills to stay agile. We need a paradigm shift to cope with these challenges.

The emphasis of the public sector is no longer focussed on providing facilities for citizens, but on providing the right programs in which all stakeholders can organize themselves. Municipalities play an important role to encourage all stakeholders to participate and to increase their own problem-solving capacity.

Key Questions

Need for better insights

When municipalities, employers, individuals and educational institutions work together, the following questions are often being raised:


What impact is being realized and how is it measured? Does the proposed cooperation lead to cost savings and how big are these? How do the stakeholders deal with savings realized within another domain? What investments are needed to achieve this? How can we ignite economic opportunities in our region?


To make cooperation between all stakeholders insightful, we have developed the 'MetroMap' explaining the activities of all four stakeholders. All actions by each of the stakeholders are stored in the database, which enables us with CockpitWork to generate actionable data and information that is meaningful to each of the stakeholders.

Social Architecture

Working together on working together

We recognize four main stakeholders on the labour market: Individual (green), Employer (blue), Education (orange) and Region (grey). We believe that technology should enable all stakeholders to take action themselves. As a result, the interaction between the stakeholders will be much faster, better and cheaper. We are convinced that a trusted community that can organize itself will generate new services and new economic opportunities for the good of all.


Each point on the MetroMap adds to the data cloud. CockpitWork generates insights for all stakeholders to take action. Without action no result!

Collecting Data

The simplicity of our model

CockpitWork uses database to generate 'primary data'. CockpitWork generates insights automatically and in real-time to understand the actual demand and supply of work and education in every city and region.


The way in which the data is presented enables every stakeholder to analyze the data themselves to gain deeper insights and to make better decisions.

Big Data

Finally, all data within reach

CockpitWork provides actionable answers for each of the stakeholders involved.


CockpitWork is available to employers, individuals (employees and jobseekers), educational institutions and municipalities. The authorization table that comes with CockpitWork, ensures the privacy of all people and organizations involved and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).